Permanent Eye Color Change without Contact Lenses

As eye color is a polygenic trait, the genetic contributions from your parents play an important role in determining the color of your eye. The brown eye color has a tendency to dominate due to which this is the most common tint found among human beings. Can you change your eye color without using colored contact lenses? The answer is yes. BrightOcular, an intraocular implant surgery, helps in permanent eye color change. There are cosmetic as well as medical benefits to this procedure.

Medically, BrightOcular is performed on individuals suffering from conditions like ocular albinism, coloboma, total or partial aniridia, heterochromia and iris atrophy. There are certain characteristics that make this procedure unique. There are minimal risks of prolonged elevated eye pressure when compared to most existing cosmetic intraocular implants. It simply suggests that the procedure is safer when performed by well-reputed and experienced doctors with specialization in ophthalmology. The benefits include the protection of your eye from photosensitivity. It is important to know that the procedure is not ideal for the correction of refractive errors. You have to continue wearing your refractive instruments even after the surgery.

If you want to change eye color permanently for cosmetic benefits, this is an excellent opportunity for you. An artificial iris made of thin, flexible, non-toxic and biocompatible materials in the desired color would be implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye. You can say goodbye to the colored contact lenses hereafter.